Rise of the Lion Pride

Rise of the Lion Pride (2018)

for concert band
duration: 2’30”
Grade 1 

Rise of the Lion Pride PERUSAL SCORE – Full Score

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Rise of the Lion Pride: Score and Parts

This is to purchase a score and set of parts for "Rise of the Lion Pride."


I’ve been writing music for many years, but I’d never written something for beginning band before. This is my first work for beginners in their first year.I took it upon myself to write something great that students and director could all appreciate.

The song starts with the low brass accompaniment setting the stage for the main melody at rehearsal letter A. The theme is repeated by the woodwinds at rehearsal letter B. The B theme begins afterward, which requires a careful balance of the moving line from all parties playing it. Great care should be taken at rehearsal letter D to bring out the melody, played by the low voices of the band.

Rehearsal letter E is a good spot to teach the concept of retrograde, as the low brass melody is almost an exact replica of the first eight measures, only in reverse! We recapitulate the original A theme before a strong finish to the work.

There are many optional notes written in the music. The optional high trumpet parts should only be played if you have a trumpet player with a strong foundation and excellent playing ability in the 6th to 8th register. The clarinet parts have an optional clarion register part that provides an easy way to introduce the 2nd partial. Overall, this work also is a good trainer for learning D harmonic major.