Tambone Tambonium

Tambone Tambonium (2018)

for low brass ensemble

  • 3 college trombones
  • 3 Middle School trombones
  • 1 College Euphonium
  • 1 Middle School Euphonium
  • 2 College Tubas
  • 1 Middle School Tuba
  • 1 Tam-Tam/Vibraphone

duration: 13’00”
Grade 2/5 

Tambone Tambonium perusal score – Full Score

Extra 8.5×11 score $10. trailthrasher@gmail.com

Tambone Tambonium: Score and Parts

This is to purchase a score and set of parts for "Tambone Tambonium."


As a young man, I was always impressed by the performances I would attend of the Treasure Valley Concert Band. My abilities in middle school were never at a level to be able to perform with those much better than I (at the time). This is a work meant to be performed by a college low brass section and a middle school low brass section. The parts beginning with “C” are for advanced players and the parts beginning with “J” are to be performed by a junior level player.

The title is a play on the words tam-tam, trombone, and euphonium. The second movement is a departure from the tam-tam, and the percussionist should play the vibraphone instead.

All playing should be done in consideration of the third movement. For young players, students should be reminded to practice at least two hours a week, and preferably more to build the strength needed to play all the way through this work. The ranges have been carefully considered for young players and the amount of endurance needed to play well all the way through.