The Four Seasons

I. Winter: Cold, with dreadful wind, snow, and ice. Relentless, for months it seems. Mother Nature at her cruelest.

II. Spring: Frost gives way to new life. Cold, but with life emerging. A dance between summer and winter.

III. Summer: The joy of the year. Heat, children playing in the warmth of the sun. Drums of marching band camp fill the air. Intensity of the summer sun beats down.

IV: Fall: The warmth of the colors. Fall foliage fills the trees. The holidays approaching, the days gradually shortening. Winter is on the wind. For concert band. Grade Level 5. Endorsed by the American Band College and part of their 2021 Top 100 List.


The Four Seasons: Score and Parts

This is to purchase a set of parts and a score (11×17) for “The Four Seasons